Your Sugarists

Angela Lark is not only a gifted esthetician, she’s also considered one of the leading certified sugarists and Alexandria Professional Executive Sugaring Educators in the nation. And if you have been sugared by Angela or one of her highly skilled licensed estheticians and certified Sugarists, this comes as no surprise! 

Angela’s passion for skincare and makeup artistry dates back to high school when she discovered Revlon’s Silver City Pink lipstick and Sea Breeze face toner Since an early age, she has been obsessed with researching all things related to skin care and beauty which explains her vast knowledge base on the subject. Angela’s desire to become an esthetician began soon after her daughter was born and could not ‘even deal!’  with primitive forms of hair removal- razors, wax, and Nair. Being a redhead with sensitive skin, she became impatient with the constant pain, bumps, and ongoing risk of infection that result from traditional forms of waxing.  Deciding she wanted to change careers in skin care and cosmetic sales after her daughter was born, Angela went back to school and received her esthetician’s license in 2008 where soon after she introduced to the ancient art of body sugaring.  After being certified with Alexandria Professional®, she was given the great opportunity to work side by side to perfect her technique at A.P.’s first U.S. sugaring studio with CEO and Founder, Lina Kennedy.  Angela and her skilled team pride themselves in helping those who come to them with skin conditions, want refinement accommodating the needs and wants of their clients by making them feel very comfortable with humor and a lollipop (organic of course!) and continuing their promise that The Sweetest Skin Co. provides the SWEETEST service in the industry.

Rissah began her career by earning her Esthetician license, which she used to put her passion for skincare, makeup, and beauty to use. She then committed to furthering her education and expanding her understanding of the field of beauty and esthetics after working solo for approximately a year and a half. Aside from esthetics, she is interested in health, music, nature, and sports.