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So you have been waxing for years, can shave so close that nobody would ever think you had been through puberty or you are adept at applying that Nair cream that does a great job if you don’t vomit from the smell. But sugaring? What IS sugaring? That is THE question I get every time I tell people what I do as an esthetician and certified sugar hair removal practitioner.

Sugaring is a Middle-Eastern form of hair removal that extracts hair from the root in its natural direction instead of against, as does waxing.

Here are some more good questions….

“Okay… Do you scrub off the hair?”

What?! No, not at all, that sounds awful!! The sugar is a slightly warm (never hot) smooth paste that looks like honey and has the consistency of taffy.

“So…how does the hair come out then?”

Interestingly enough, I take it off with my gloved hand and a flick of my wrist.


Yes, it is true- I don’t use any sticks or strips and I never double dip into the jar of sugar- that’s pretty gross. I use one piece of sugar for the entire area I’m sugaring. Wearing nitrile fitted gloves, the sugar is applied onto the skin against the direction of growth then with flick my wrist, Viola!, the hair is taken out without any after-burn that waxing usually causes and since I’m extracting in the natural direction. Also, there is much less chance of hair breakage which means less ingrown hairs!

“But I have sensitive skin”

So do I! That’s what got me started in this whole sweet business. Sugaring doesn’t pull or burn the skin so the only discomfort you feel is the hair being removed. Before sugaring, I couldn’t even get my bikini waxed. It was truly dreadful and painful for me.

Side note: Let’s be honest, I’m removing hairs from your follicle. We are not sliding down rainbows and bathing in a pot of chocolate kind of fun but I do my best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. There won’t be any jarring ripping off of strip and sometimes skin!

“What’s it made from?”

It is just sugar, lemon and water. That’s it. No wax, no resin and no added preservatives (sugar is a natural preservative). The lemon helps with exfoliation and the water helps lubricate the follicle leaving you smooth and hydrated.

“So why haven’t I heard about it and are you the only person that does it out here?”

Waxing is what we’ve been taught in schools and until the last 2 decades. Very few people knew about sugaring in the US. It is the main form of hair removal in the Middle East with recipes being handed down generation after generation. Most estheticians have never heard of sugaring until recently. Yes, I am the only certified practitioner in my area for over 5 years. Wherever you live it is IMPERATIVE that you only go to someone for this method of hair removal that is trained, skilled and certified.

“Do you do ALL kinds of hair removal?”

Yes- I do brow to toe and everywhere in between. About 80% of my (sugaring) business is removing hair from your business.

“Do you sugar guys too?”

Yes- the same goes for them as well.

“Can you do airbrush tans right after getting sugared?”

Definitely! Because sugaring is so gentle on your skin, you can get airbrushed right after.

“WOW!! I have to see what this is all about!”

Yes, you really do. This is also excellent for cyclists and those who want to keep their tattoos looking bright and hair free. I invite you to visit my website, read my reviews on yelp, say ‘Hi’ on my facebook page (the sweetest skin co.) and see “what this sugaring business is all about”!

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Keep It Sweet!
xo Angela

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