Sugaring, Exfoliating, Hydrating…Oh My!

Three words we may not use together in a sentence generally but all preceding the other when it comes to hair free, smooth and conditioned skin. Sugaring in and of itself is an excellent exfoliant. As I’m extracting your hair in its natural direction with our warm organic sugar, lemon and water paste, I’m also removing dead skin cells and leaving your live skin cells right where they belong. I tell every client that comes in that the key to ridding the body of dry skin, ingrown (the biggest problem I face with those who wax, shave or get sugared with inexperienced hands) and keratosis pilaris (an excess of skin that form bumps usually on the back of arms and legs), is proper exfoliation! The time in between your sugaring and skin care appointments is really important for helping change the look and feel of your skin. A good pair of exfoliating gloves can be used daily to any part of the body except the face. I find the material used for the gloves are much more effective than those sissy poofy balls or a loofa that resembles a summer vegetable.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to exfoliate areas that tend to have ingrown hairs which is usually in the bikini area. One product I’m excited about that TSSC carries is GloTherapeutics Body Exfoliant. This fabulous little secret is something I’ve recently started incorporating into my exfoliation routine. No, not like a dance routine, although I have been known to do them when I see my clients skin change dramatically because of sugaring.

NOTE: It is extremely important that over exfoliating any area of the body can lead to over stimulating the follicle, leaving it irritated and subject to infection.

TSSC offers several excellent products for your exfoliating and skin conditioning needs for face and body. Lastly, I have three shades of skin: fair, lobster red and airbrushed bronzed. Air brush tanning is really great even if you’ve just gotten sugared! TSSC has teamed up with Summer Michele of Kalena Mobile Tanning to offer the best in smooth and bronzed skin. Call for our special pricing! Thank you to all of our new clients both in the SCV and at our new location in Thousand Oaks! Keep it Sweet! Open Monday through Saturday – Mobile services available.

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