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Sweet Sugaring Services for Women, Men & Teens



Brow Clean Up – $22

Brow reshape and arch – $32

Brow & Lip – $38

Lip – $14

Chin – $14

Lip and Chin – $28

Brow, Lip and Chin – $50

Sides of Face – $22

Full Face – $45

Full Face with Brows – $68

Body and Bikini:

Decollate – $27

Areola – $13

Underarms – $27

Full Chest & Torso (Includes Decollate and Areolas) – $68

Stomach (Bottom of Ribs to Bikini Line) – $27

Full Back – $68

Lower Back – $27

Buttocks (Cheeks Only) – $27

The Sweet Basic Bikini – $49 “Just the sides and the top please”

The Sweet Extended Bikini – $60 Our Sweet Basic Bikini and in between the cheeks.

The Sweetest Brazilian – $71 Our signature version of the Brazilian. We’re taking it all off, front to back unless a strip or patch is requested.

*Pre-book your next Brazilian within 4-6 weeks at check out and receive $10 OFF when you hold your appointment.

The Sweet Basic Bikini & Inner Thigh – $73

The Sweet Basic Bikini & Brow Clean Up – $72

The Sweet Basic Bikini & Underarm – $76

The Sweet Extended Bikini & Inner Thigh – $84

The Sweet Extended Bikini & Brow Clean Up – $83

The Sweet Extended Bikini & Underarm – $87

The Sweetest Brazilian & Inner Thigh – $95

The Sweetest Brazilian & Brow Clean Up – $94

The Sweetest Brazilian & Underarm – $98

Arms and Legs:

Half Arms (Just Above Elbows) – $47

Full Arms (Up To Shoulders) – $63

Upper Legs – $63

Lower Legs – $58

Inner Thighs – $24

Full Legs – $110



Brow Clean Up – $29

Ears – $11

Nose – $11

Ears, Nose, and Brows – $45

Body & Manzillion:

Half Chest(Just above stomach) – $68 to $88

Full Chest* (Includes Stomach) – $89 to $130

Back* – $89 to $110

*Pricing for these services depends on the coarseness and density of hair. Please allow up to 30 minutes of additional time if your hair is of this type.*

Stomach – $47

Backside (Cheeks only) – $37

Backside Deep (Cheeks and in between) – $58

The Sweetest Manzillion (Men’s Brazilian including between the buttocks) – $99

*Be part of our Loyalty Program! Pre-book your next Manzillion within 4-6 weeks upon check out and receive $10 OFF when you hold your appointment.

Arms & Legs:

Half Arms (Just above elbow) – $47

Full Arms (Up to shoulder) – $74

Shoulders Only to Tee Shirt line– $37

Underarms – $32

Lower or Upper Legs – $68

Inner Thigh – $32

Full Legs – $142


Brow Clean UP– $20

Lip – $13

Lower Legs – $42

Upper Legs – $47

Inner Thighs – $16

Full Legs – $84

Half Arms (just above the elbow) – $37

Full Arms (up to the shoulder) – $58

Underarms – $20

Airbrush Tanning:


Winner Best Airbrush Tan in SCV from SCV Elite Magazine! Our specialized formulas match the undertones of your skin.  It’s ALWAYS a perfect match!

Sjolie Sunless® Signature Airbrush Tan with finishing powder– $60 or Package of 3 for $155

(Fully develops in 8 hours)

Sjolie Sunless® Rapid Airbrush Tan with finishing powder– $70 or Package of 3 for $180.00

(This alcohol-based tan has a quicker drying time and fully develops in just 2 to 5 hours depending on the depth of color that you want)


The Sweetest Skin Care

All 60-minute facials include: Steam, deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, skin analysis, massage of the face, neck, and shoulders, specialized masques, serums, and moisturizers to meet the needs of your skin. If you are unsure if the facial you chose is what’s best for you, ask your esthetician prior to your service and she will consult you on the best treatment. 

The Sweetest Skin European Facial – $125

A thorough, deep cleansing treatment of the face and neck. Meant to improve the look, feel and health of your skin. Very relaxing and perfect for our first-time facial clients!

The Skin Detox Treatment – $140

Deep hydration and a brightening boost with this treatment designed to target congestion, breakouts, dehydration and dullness. Includes a two part layering approach to the traditional mask step for added benefits.

The Glo & Go Express Facial – $75

When you only have time for a 30 minute condensed version of our European facial.

Smooth Skin Layered Treatment – $155

Refine skin texture with Glycolic Acid layered with the anti-inflammatory benefits of Turmeric, Retinol & Vitamin C to repair & regenerate skin, revealing a healthy, glowing and hydrated complexion. Recommended for all skin types, except sensitive. This treatment is most effective every 2-4 weeks for noticeable and lasting results.

The Clean & Clear Treatment – $130

Recommended for Acne Prone Skin drawing out impurities and refines skins texture to fight future flare-ups with a 30% salicylic peel and clay with medicated botanicals to purify and reduce bacteria & inflammation.

Not for sensitive skin. Flaking or peeling may occur.

The Sweetest Back Facial – $145

This relaxing, clarifying exfoliating treatment helps improve the overall appearance & texture, treat blackheads and leave your back truly cleansed, clear and hydrated.

The Firming Skin Treatment – $140

Smooth, soften & revitalize using advanced stem cell technology & 20% Lactic Acid. Experience instant smoothing & toning while nourishing with active botanicals & Vitamins. For combination & dry skin.

The Vitamin C Treatment with Microdermabrasion – $150

‘C’ for the Champion vitamin of the fountain of youth, Vitamin C dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, repairs and strengthens skin cells & their functions. Safe for all skin types excluding sensitive and skin with cystic or open acneic pores.

The Sweetest Vajacial or Fanny Facial- $65

One of our most popular treatments! Our Vajacial & Fanny Facial treats ingrown hairs, removes dead skin cells, smooths bumps around bikini line, prevents acne, helps with hyperpigmentation, all to maintain healthy and hydrated skin in the vaginal area. A mild treatment after sugaring can be done.  For a more targeted treatment, book between sugaring appointments.

Please note: All treatments are customized to meet your specific needs.

The Weekender Package – $210

Sweetie, we are going to pamper you!  Whether you are getting ready for a get-a-way or  your wedding day, let one of our highly trained and caring staff get you ready.  We will start you off with our signature Sweetest Brazilian then leave the worry of the table place cards or a hectic week at work at the door with a luxurious 60 minute European Facial to cleanse your skin and restore your soul. End this treatment with our award-winning organic and vegan Airbrush Tan for a luminous glow (remember to wear very loose clothing!).   This package does require you to use all services within the week and preferably with your scheduled esthetician, but of course, we will accommodate to your schedule! Most of our brides to be will have their facial and Brazilian first and come in for their tan up two days before.

The Sweetest Skin Co. proudly uses & carries the following:

  • Global leading, multi-award winning Alexandria Professional® Sugar Paste and retail skin care products
  • Glo Skin Beauty® retail products
  • Sjolie® organic, vegan tanning solution and retail products
  • Fur Professional
  • Glow by Erin
  • Grande Lash, Brow & Lip Gloss
  • Ebenal Numb 520

The Sweetest Skin Company is a 90% eco-friendly spa committed to using and retailing environmentally safe and cruelty-free products.