I have a Sugar Mama!!

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All I can say is where has she been all my adult life… I am talking about Angela Lark Landy AKA “My Sugar Mama”!! She is currently the only Certified Sugar Hair Removal Practitioner in The Santa Clarita Valley and she is a gift from above. I know you are asking what is a “Sugar Practitioner“? well let me tell you it is hair removal without 2 big components.. WAX and PAIN! I met Angela at XBMFITNESS Boot Camp and when she told me what she did I was fascinated and knew I needed to try it out because WELL… I did not believe that hair removal could be painless. The last time I had waxing done I almost kicked the lady in the head.. Not pretty and in fact I think I left before she could finish… ( I know that is a visual) Finally!! Their is an alternative hair removal method to hot wax and lasers! Oh and By the way Body Sugaring is a safe, gentle and effective not only for us Girls but for men and teens.

I was so curious how she got into this and this is what I found our… She was introduced to sugaring while still in esthetics’s school. Angela personally couldn’t stand to be waxed because her skin is sooo sensitive. When she tried the sugar she couldn’t believe it- the feeling was like night and day. Yes Angela did get a bit red and it was gone in a half hour but she didn’t experience the bumps, the in-growns, or the sometimes scabbing and the intense pain of having my skin being pulled and hair yanked out. Not only is she the ONLY person in all of Santa Clarita that does it and a small handful in Los Angeles, I am able to introduce something so exceptional and progressive in the field of hair removal.

What I learned from her is that the Alexandria Professional technique is a method of extracting hair in its natural direction of growth while the hair is still in its early growth stage. This gentle technique utilizes a 100% natural formula made from sugar, water, and lemon which eliminates breakage and ingrown hairs.
Other benefits include dry skin cell exfoliation, improving the skin’s condition and bringing smooth, beautiful skin to the surface.

Most importantly, sugaring eliminates the unnecessary discomfort, irritation, and pain associated with most hair removal methods. And unlike lasering, most clients see an immediate improvement after the first or second treatment.

Don’t take my word for it if you live in an areas where a “Sugar Mama” AKA Sugar Practitioner is you must try it out. If you find yourself missing hot wax, burnt skin, ingrown hairs, numbing cream, and huge price tags, you can go back to sticky wax and painful lasers. But I don’t think you will!

She is a woman of many talents and in addition to sugaring, Angela is also a licensed esthetician specializing in microderm, chemical peels, aromatherapy and skin specific facial treatments.

** Side note I also had a facial when I was there and OMG it was amazing.. My face / skin was so smooth and soft it was wonderful!!

Angela works at Lavish Salon and Spa and if you want to reach this Sugar Mama or as she is becoming know in the Santa Clarita area “The Sugarbare girl” call 661-253-3483 or her cell # 310 – 592-5609 or you can go to www.angelasoasis.com for more info!! Also if you are on Facebook and would like to find a Sugar Mama in your kneck of the woods you can search “Alexandria professionals” to search one out in your local area.

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