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Removing unwanted hair has been an age old issue and there is finally an answer: Sugaring.

Sugaring is less abrasive and painful than waxing and provides a clean, smooth result which can last for weeks, and in some cases months. Hair regrowth is finer and thinner and with regular maintenance, becomes a more comfortable treatment. And shaving? As we know, that’s a non-stop, daily struggle and the hair always seems to grow back harder and thicker.

Competitive athletes have been removing hair for varying degrees of their profession. With guys lieybrowke David Beckham boasting nicely shaped brows, it seems men aren’t settling for less.

Got tattoos you want to show off?
Sick of your sweaterback, neck hair, wooley butt? 
Too much chest hair?
Groin unruly?
Bushy eyebrows?

Men are taking a lot more pride in their physical appearance and want to look great when going out into the public eye. Less painful and abrasive than waxing, sugaring treatments improve the personal appearance of your skin.

The days of hair and stubble caused by shaving are no longer necessary. Get manscaped and enjoy the benefits of feeling cleaner and well-groomed. Sugaring saves time; get the hours back that you spent shaving your unwanted hair. Enjoy the benefit of hair growing in softer and thinner over time. With repeated sugaring sessions, your hair will gradually become thinner because the roots are weakened.  Lessen the hair that grows from your chest to your toes, SUGAR IT!

According to recent 2021 Study of Men’s Grooming, released by the Princeton, NJ-based market research firm, a sizeable proportion of men (39%) have Manscaped, up from only one in twenty men (6%) in 2005. Trends suggest this practice is beginning to catch on with older men too.
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