keep-it-safe-sugaring-skinSugaring deeply exfoliates the skin in the area of the service. It is therefore extremely important to read these contraindications before getting a service.
• Sunburned, irritated or areas with open skin cannot be sugared.
• Moles cannot be sugared. We can, however, sugar around the mole.
• You must wait a minimum of seven (7) days before sugaring after a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion.
• Sugaring cannot be performed if you have been in a tanning booth the same day (but you can get an airbrush tan right after your service!).
• Sugaring cannot be performed if you have had laser skin resurfacing within the past year.
• Sugaring cannot be performed if you have had a physician administered peel within the past two (2) years.
• Women may experience extra sensitivity to sugaring up to a week prior to the beginning of their menses.

The following is a list of medications that may cause concern and a dermatologist should be consulted before treatment. Please have a doctor clear you for sugaring if you are taking medications that thin the skin (such as Retin-A), blood thinners, or medications that cause you to be sun-sensitive.
• Accutane
• Adapalene
• Alustra
• Avage
• Avita
• Differin
• Isotretinoin
• Renova
• Retin A
• Tazarac
• Tazarotene
• Tretinoin

** This is by no means a complete list. Please talk to your doctor about any medication you are on and follow their advice. **

Sadly, we cannot perform sugaring services if you have blood or skin disorders that would be exacerbated by hair removal, if you are at an elevated risk for infection, or if your immune system is compromised. If you have any questions about whether sugaring services are safe for you, please consult your doctor. It is your responsibility to follow medical directives and disclose potential contraindications prior to receiving your service. All clients receive services at their own risk.

After Care instructions
• 24 after your service stay clean, cool and friction free.
• 24 hours after your service keep the freshly sugared area clean and free of bacteria from hands etc.
• 24 hours after your service refrain from strenuous activity that might get sweat/bacteria on the freshly sugared area. This includes working out and or sexual activity.
• No suntanning, your freshly sugared area, for 48 hours.
• 48 hours after being sugared begin daily exfoliation on the sugared area.