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The SCV’s only organic sugaring studio, The Sweetest Skin Co., offers sugar hair removal. Founder and CEO Angela Lark, along with her staff of licensed estheticians and certified Sugaristas, treats you to a luxe experience along with a way to get rid of hair while conditioning and hydrating the skin and diminishing ingrowns. The treatment is so gentle, you can take advantage of the studio’s exceptional sunless airbrush tanning service immediately after sugaring or have one of their amazing facials instead. Sugaring is an ancient Middle Eastern practice that uses an all-natural paste with only sugar, water and lemon juice to remove the hair from the root. Results can last up to six weeks and only requires a quarter-inch of hair growth for removal. Your sugar adheres to the hair, not the skin, as the water hydrates the follicle and extracts only the hair. It is water soluble and easy to clean up. The temperature of the sugar is always luke warm and comfortable. Your skin feels soft, clean and calm after your session with your Sugarista. Take $10 off any Sugaring service with the coupon on page 91. Call or book online easily through their website, 476-5775

Sugaring: a sweet way to remove hair

By Michelle Sathe
Signal Senior Writer
September 4, 2009 4:55 a.m.

Beauty treatments usually make you feel good, but rarely are the products so good you can actually eat them.

However, that’s the case with sugaring, a unique hair removal method which replaces traditional wax with a water-soluble, all-natural clear paste of lemon, sugar, and water.

Aesthetician and licensed sugar practitioner Angela Lark Landy of Lavish Salon in Stevenson Ranch let me try a sample when I received my first sugaring on Tuesday. The consistency is that of a very thick honey and the taste similar to an incredibly sweet concentrated lemonade.

“Sugar, lemon, water – just like for tea,” Landy, who resembles a girl-next door version of Debra Messing, said with a smile.

Better yet, sugaring is gentle to the skin, which often is irritated with the rougher wax, strip, and rip method used for decades in salons across the country.

Landy warmed up a large ball of the sugar paste before applying it to my lower legs, which had been prepped with an alcohol cleaning and a sprinkling of powder, which allows the paste to adhere to hair follicles.

“Hair only needs to be 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch for sugaring, unlike waxing,” she told me.

I blushed. Mine was well beyond that. What can I say? I hate shaving and waxing is out of the question. (I don’t generally opt for unnecessary pain).

The paste was warm and soothing as Landy delicately molded it to sections of my leg, the clear amber turning slightly opaque as she gently worked it around.

I tensed for the inevitable.

Flick, flick, flick. A very brief sting was followed by – nothing. No residual pain or burn.

“I work with the natural growth of hair, not against it. There’s less breakage,” Landy explained. “Over time, sugaring helps diminish hair growth, so it grows in finer and more slowly.”

Instead of strips, Landy uses her gloved hands to manipulate the sugar paste, which allowed for increased accuracy and decreased waste.

“If I miss a spot, I can run the sugar back over it. You could never do that with wax. It would be too irritating,” she said. “Sugaring is awesome for people who do usually Brazilian waxes, or as we call them here ‘The L.A.’ and for those who need hair removed from their underarms, which is really sensitive. It’s also perfect for fitness pros and cyclists who don’t want any hair.”

After she was done, Landy rubbed a light yet luxurious shea butter oil into my skin. My legs, which are usually so dry that scaly comes to mind as a description, now felt luxuriously soft and smooth, with no apparent bumps or redness. Nice and girly, legs I could once again be proud to show off to the world.

Next, it was on to my eyebrows, which I halfheartedly attempt to pluck when things get too unruly, but in reality, are as woefully neglected as my poor legs had been.

Landy, who’s also a makeup artist, lends her creative touch to sculpting the perfect brow for her clients.

After the warm sugar was molded in layers across my brows and gently removed, Landy gently whisked a special soothing mineral mud over them, cleaned them off, and presented me with a mirror.
“Brows add character to a woman’s face that is very important,” she said.

So true. Whose eyes were these?

My brows looked flirty and questioning, adding a youthful alertness to the eye area that I usually try to achieve, unsuccessfully, with excessive caffeine.

I loved them.

An added bonus – there were no telltale bumps I’d previously experienced with waxing, just fresh, clean brows.

Landy, who is called “Sugar Bare” by her friends, found the sugaring technique more than two years ago when she attended her first beauty show while studying at Santa Monica College for her aesthetician license. A fair redhead, Landy had struggled with traditional waxing.

“I thought, oh great, this is a lost cause for me, I’m going to be the only aesthetician in the world who shaves,” she said.

A representative from a sugar paste manufacturer stopped Landy at the show and asked if she had heard of the sugaring method.
When Landy replied no, she was given a complimentary sugar treatment.

The gentle result was an epiphany for Landy, who immediately signed up for a sugaring certification course after received her aesthetician’s license.

“I just felt I had found something so few people knew about,” she said.

Landy brought the idea of sugaring to Lavish salon owner Jackie Ganuza, who welcomed the opportunity to provide the new service to clients.

It is currently the only salon in the Santa Clarita Valley to offer sugaring, which starts at $25 for brows and $35 for lower legs.

Landy is currently offering a complimentary brow or lip sugar with any other sugar service to new clients.

Sugaring’s already proving to be a sweet success, according to Ganuza.

“It’s getting more popular, especially with clients that have sensitive skin or are allergic to the ingredients found in wax, such as fragrances or nut oils,” she said. “I have a good friend that gets sugared. She is fair with dark hair and used to get red, puffy and bumpy from waxing. With sugaring, she walks out as beautiful as she walked in.”

Lavish Salon is located at 25269 The Old Road, Stevenson Ranch.

For more information on sugaring, call Angela Lark Landy at (661) 253-3483.

Landy is also available to provide mobile sugar services for private parties.

I have a Sugar Mama!!

Via Where’s My DAMN Answer?

All I can say is where has she been all my adult life… I am talking about Angela Lark Landy AKA “My Sugar Mama”!! She is currently the only Certified Sugar Hair Removal Practitioner in The Santa Clarita Valley and she is a gift from above. I know you are asking what is a “Sugar Practitioner“? well let me tell you it is hair removal without 2 big components.. WAX and PAIN! I met Angela at XBMFITNESS Boot Camp and when she told me what she did I was fascinated and knew I needed to try it out because WELL… I did not believe that hair removal could be painless. The last time I had waxing done I almost kicked the lady in the head.. Not pretty and in fact I think I left before she could finish… ( I know that is a visual) Finally!! Their is an alternative hair removal method to hot wax and lasers! Oh and By the way Body Sugaring is a safe, gentle and effective not only for us Girls but for men and teens.

I was so curious how she got into this and this is what I found our… She was introduced to sugaring while still in esthetics’s school. Angela personally couldn’t stand to be waxed because her skin is sooo sensitive. When she tried the sugar she couldn’t believe it- the feeling was like night and day. Yes Angela did get a bit red and it was gone in a half hour but she didn’t experience the bumps, the in-growns, or the sometimes scabbing and the intense pain of having my skin being pulled and hair yanked out. Not only is she the ONLY person in all of Santa Clarita that does it and a small handful in Los Angeles, I am able to introduce something so exceptional and progressive in the field of hair removal.

What I learned from her is that the Alexandria Professional technique is a method of extracting hair in its natural direction of growth while the hair is still in its early growth stage. This gentle technique utilizes a 100% natural formula made from sugar, water, and lemon which eliminates breakage and ingrown hairs.
Other benefits include dry skin cell exfoliation, improving the skin’s condition and bringing smooth, beautiful skin to the surface.

Most importantly, sugaring eliminates the unnecessary discomfort, irritation, and pain associated with most hair removal methods. And unlike lasering, most clients see an immediate improvement after the first or second treatment.

Don’t take my word for it if you live in an areas where a “Sugar Mama” AKA Sugar Practitioner is you must try it out. If you find yourself missing hot wax, burnt skin, ingrown hairs, numbing cream, and huge price tags, you can go back to sticky wax and painful lasers. But I don’t think you will!

She is a woman of many talents and in addition to sugaring, Angela is also a licensed esthetician specializing in microderm, chemical peels, aromatherapy and skin specific facial treatments.

** Side note I also had a facial when I was there and OMG it was amazing.. My face / skin was so smooth and soft it was wonderful!!

Angela works at Lavish Salon and Spa and if you want to reach this Sugar Mama or as she is becoming know in the Santa Clarita area “The Sugarbare girl” call 661-253-3483 or her cell # 310 – 592-5609 or you can go to for more info!! Also if you are on Facebook and would like to find a Sugar Mama in your kneck of the woods you can search “Alexandria professionals” to search one out in your local area.

A few sweet words about the Micro-Peel treatment

Ahhhh, I love a good micro-peel. No down time, little flaking if any, leaving your skin feeling tighter and looking smooth and radiant. Now is the perfect time since spring is here and summer is on it’s way.

Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin and is a gentle way of making real improvements to the skin without having downtime. When performed in conjunction with topical chemical acid treatments, the effects, as well as the long term benefits, are really increased!

What a micro-peel does is help improve pigmentation and mild scarring, as well as resurface aging skin. It helps with dryness and is an excellant exfoliant removing the dead skin and revealing the new skin because you have now reduced the thickness of your stratum coreum so it will increase cell turnover which will give you the smoother skin. When our epidermis does not function properly due to hormones, enviornment, hereditary, the melanin pigment cannot be shed in its usual manner resulting in hyper-pigmentation. A regular micro-peel can help regulate this.

Some of the results that may be expected with a micro-peel are that acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and fine facial lines will be erased or will become less obvious. There may be a noticable difference soon after your first treatment. More dramatic results will become more obvious as the treatments in a series continues.

The average length of an initial series is 5 to 6 treatments. Ideally, a treatment every 14-21 days is best, however, since treatment results for individuals vary, some may need longer series to achieve desired results.
Maintenence after your series should be every 4-6 weeks if possible.

Your at-home skin care regimen is extremely important as well. It should include a gentle cleanser, tonic (based on your skin type and condition), Vit. C serum (Excellant for cell turnover and collagen production) or retinol, eye cream along with day and night hydrators.

For the months of April and May, I am offering a great special on Micro-Peels
Purchase 5 Treatments at $120, normally $140.00 per treatment and your 6 one is free.
that’s a savings of $240.00
Your treatment includes: deep cleansing, steam, extractions, pressure point massage of face, chemical acid peel and micro, oxygen treatment or seaweed algae mask and parrafin hand dip.

In addition, I am very happy to say that we are now carrying glo-therapeutics. This skin care line is top notch and the results are dramatic!

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule this wonderful treatment for either one or the series You will be so glad you did!

Have a sweet weekend,
Best, Angela
310-592-5609 c

Giving your FACE the homemade ‘wow’ factor

According to skin care specialist to the stars, Emma Hardie, you need to Feed, polish, water and mobilize facial tissue to give it that ‘Wow factor’

To polish: use a pinch of ground brown rice, mix with a drop of almond and essential lavender oil and gently massage on to the face. Splash on warm water and clean with a face cloth.

To water: add a couple of drops of lemon and lavender oils to a large bowl of boiling hot water, then cover your head with a towel to inhale the rising steam. Then wetting a face cloth with icy cold water, dab on to the face and neck and gently massage the skin with upward strokes.

To feed: make sure your diet is rich in Vitamin C (oranges, leafy greens and so on) and Omega 3 fatty acids (take fish oil at least once a week).

Mobilize: by stretching the facial and neck muscles – after applying a moisturizer, stretch up your neck; stretch the lips and cheeks and so on. This helps release tension from the jaw, neck and shoulder muscles and helps to bring the firmness back to your skin.