Skin Care

*Please note! Microdermabrasion is available at our Newhall location only*

All 60-minute facials include: Steam, deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, skin analysis, massage of the face, neck, and shoulders, specialized masques, serums, and moisturizers to meet the needs of your skin.

The Sweetest Skin European Facial – $100

Our signature treatment, relaxing and excellent for the first time facial clients!

The Tighten & Brighten – $115

Your friends will be asking why are your skin is so firm and bright when they see you more youthful and glowing after you’ve had this treatment! In addition to our signature Sweet European Facial which include steam, deep cleanse, enzyme, extractions, and massage of the arms, neck, shoulders and décolleté, eye cream, lip balm, serums & hydration, we add 30% Glycolic chemical exfoliation with retinol followed by a Vitamin C mask to brighten and an additional Collagen mask to tighten. Please note: this effective treatment may cause light flaking around the nose, crows feet and chin to aid in the brightening of the skin and aid in a decrease in fine lines.

The Cyto Luxe Facial – $130

Our Platinum Treatment! You will look, see and feel a difference after floating from The Sweetest Skin Company! Our facials include steam, cleanse, exfoliate, enzyme, extractions, and massage of the arms, neck, shoulders and décolleté. Followed by an eye cream, lip balm, serum, and hydrator. In addition, this entire treatment includes the nutrient packed gardenia stem cell molecularly structured layering process. Flowered base stem cells include the highest quality of necessary antioxidants, vitamins, and much-needed nutrients to penetrate the skin to allow strengthening and rebuilding while enriching the cell structure to the deeper layers of the dermis. Extremely firming and hydrating this gives a luminous, plump look and texture to your face. Excellent for dehydrated, dull and dry skin!

The Illumni-Layer Facial – $130

This multi-layered facial is excellent for aging skin that offers tightening, brightening and in need of a “pick-me-up”! This facial includes Vitamin C to firm and deliver nutrients, Kojic and Azelaic acid to brighten the skin, Retinol to support collagen and fend off free radicals and B5 to penetrate and hydrate the skin. Add microdermabrasion for extra exfoliation, reduce fine lines and firm the skin.

The Vitamin-C Treatment and a Microdermabrasion – $140

With the benefits of microdermabrasion, we combine Vitamin C which is widely regarded as the champion of anti-aging components. Vitamin C (as in, “C” your wrinkles disappear!) Is a necessity for collagen production and provides yourself with what they need for form, firmness, and strength. vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that leaves your skin brighter and more youthful. Our Micro with vitamin C treatment will brighten and firm your skin remarkably. we promise that you’ll “C” a difference!

Pumpkin Glycolic Facial – $110

Our fabulous fall facial! Pumpkin is AMAZING for your skin; it’s loaded with alpha hydroxy acids and fruit enzymes that keep your skin smooth and bright. It’s also packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which prevents signs of aging by increasing collagen production and softening the skin. Suffer from acne? Pumpkin seeds are loaded with zinc, which aids in epidermal healing while helping to regulate oil production and hormone levels of the skin. Come experience the magical effects of Pumpkin Glycolic Facial!

The Sweetest Back Facial – $125

Like the Sweetest Skin Facial but for your back! This is an excellent treatment for people with blackheads, problematic ingrown hairs, and acne-prone skin.

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion – $125

45-minute treatment for a single session (multiple sessions recommended for noticeable results and change to the skin’s texture). Microdermabrasion is a very effective skin treatment that creates a fresh, glowing and rejuvenated look. Diamond tips are the secret behind this microdermabrasion technique.

Effective Microdermabrasion:

Promotes a healthy, more youthful complexion. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Rejuvenates skin for a glowing complexion. Decreases or eliminates mild to moderate acne scarring. Helps decrease hyperpigmentation or brown spots. Microdermabrasion is non-invasive, and the procedure only removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal the fresher, younger cells beneath. Regardless of your skin’s condition, fine lines and age spots may be erased and acne scars will become less obvious. This is a safe, pain-free and simple method of rejuvenating skin and is also gentle enough to suit almost any skin type.

Series of Three – $350 (save $25) Must be used within three months after the date of purchase for most effective results.

Series of Six – $685 (save $65) Must be used within 7 months after the date of purchase for most effective and lasting results.

Acne Clearing Facial – $90

Recommended for Acne Prone Skin! Target existing breakouts while drawing out impurities and refining texture to fight future flare-ups. Enzymatic exfoliation softens and preps skin to clear debris from follicles, followed by a clay treatment mask to draw out excess oil. Medicated ingredients purify the skin, reduce bacteria as well as irritation!

Please note: All facials are customized to meet the needs of our client’s skin. You may experience different treatments and products so we can optimize and maintain your beautiful skin!

The Sweetest Skin Co.proudly carries the following:

  • Alexandria Professional™ Sugar Paste and Products – The world’s leading and award-winning Sugar
  • Glo-Therapeutics™ skin care – also available for retail
  • Sjolie™ Tanning Solution and Tanning Care Products – Organic, Vegan & Paraben Free.
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